Transfer using TranferWise

These are the steps on how to set up an account and make a transfer.

How to sign up:

  • Go to TransferWise website and sign up
  • Fill in all your details
  • The system will prompt you for documents needed to complete your verification

Once you have uploaded the documents, it will take up to 2 working days for our verification team to review it. They’ll drop you an email once your account has been verified.

How to make a transfer:

  • Login to your TransferWise account
  • In Activity page, click on Send Money
  • Select your source currency and the receiving currency and enter the amount you would like to send (kindly note that we wont be able to send all currencies – if it doesn’t appear on the website, we don’t support it yet)
  • Continue to the next step and fill up your recipient’s account details
  • Review and confirm all details are correct
  • Select payment method
  • Make payment to TransferWise

Please note that is your payment method is Bank Transfer, you would need to make an actual bank transfer from your own online banking to our bank account details displayed at the 5th step, with the unique reference code we provided.

Once we received your deposit, we will notify you by email. Kindly note that we can only accept online payments from you, no cash or cheque can be accepted.