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What are the charges that I need to bear as an issuer?





Pre-Campaign Fee:


1(a) to 1(c), a one-time upfront fee of up to RM3,500 upon registration of Issuer.


Project Screening


Issuer Know-Your Customer


Due Diligence on the Issuer


Campaign Fee:


2(a) to 2(e), between 8%-10% of the amount raised from Investors through the Ethis ECF Platform payable on success basis, subject to negotiations.


For investment amount raised by Ethis Malaysia and its affiliate companies from a Venture Capital Company, Private Equity Company, Family Office or any of its equivalents, 2% of the amount raised by Ethis via said method. 


For confirmed investment pre-funding amount secured by Issuer prior to campaign launch on Ethis ECF Platform, 6%-8%% of the amount raised by Issuer via said method.


Structuring of Campaign Issuance and Investment Onboarding





Hosting of Campaign on Ethis ECF Platform



Advising and Assisting on Campaign Factsheet



Creating Campaign Marketing Collateral



Digital Marketing




Social Media Outreach




Email Marketing & Outreach


Online & Offline Sales


Investor Relations & Corporate Communications



Assisting with Investor Pre-Investment Inquiries



Assisting with Media Inquiries


Payment Servicing


Incorporation of Limited Liability Partnership / Sdn Bhd / Unlisted Bhd Fee:


A one-time fee of up to RM2,000 per LLP.


Post-Campaign Fee:



4(a) to 4(c), up to RM3,600 per annum.


Hosting of Issuer Investment Updates


Assisting on Delivery of Investment Updates to Investors


Organising Investor Post Investment Enquiries


Miscellaneous Fee:



Stamp Duty

Duty payable under the law. Any tax or stamp duty applicable by law on the financing amount raised will be borne by the Issuer.


Bank Charges & Payment Transfer Fee

Charges if applicable, shall be based on any   charges by the bank (such as IBG, FPX) or payment transfer service.


Payment Custodian

Fee levied by payment custodian for escrow service.