Why invest via equity crowdfunding?

1. Easy to start

Getting started is relatively easy and hassle-free as everything is done online. 


2. It’s open to anyone

Before the advent of crowdfunding, investing in private equities was restricted to accredited investors and high-net-worth individuals with certain income levels and assets as it requires a high investment threshold.

Equity crowdfunding makes such investment accessible to everyday investors by offering a much lower investment threshold than it used to be. At Ethis, you can invest from as low as RM1,000.


3. You have the liberty to decide which company to invest in

Through investment vehicles such as mutual funds and unit trusts, your money is invested in an investment portfolio chosen by the fund manager.

With equity crowdfunding, you can choose to invest in companies that resonate with you and diversify your investments by spreading your capital across multiple equity crowdfunding campaigns. The discretion lies in the hands of the investors themselves.


4. High potential returns

Investing in private early-stage companies is risky but with high risks come high potential returns. While it’s likely that some equity crowdfunding investments can go bust, and you may lose all of your capital, so is the chance for the business to flourish and for you to earn your profits.