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What requirements does the company have to meet?

  1. All potential Issuers must successfully undergo Shariah-compliance screening based on our Shariah-Compliance Checklist approved by our Shariah Adviser.
  2. Potential Issuers must be able to demonstrate and quantify the current and expected future value of their business based on valuation methodologies including but not limited to discounted cash-flow projections and market benchmarking.
  3. Potential Issuers must submit the following information to the Platform: 
    • Information that explains key characteristics of the company includes, among others, date of incorporation, registration number, date of commencement of business, history of business from the date of incorporation, group and shareholding structure (where applicable) and licenses and permits held by the Issuer.
    • Public company potential Issuers shall submit a prospectus which complies with subsection 235(1) of the Capital Market Services Act (CMSA)  save that the Issuer shall be relieved from compliance with paragraph (b) of subsection 235(1); and contains the information set out in paragraph (a) above. However, this is not applicable when a public company offers shares solely to sophisticated investors.
    • Information relating to the rights attached to the shares being offered.
    • Information that explains the purpose of the fund-raising and the targeted offering amount; The information should also include information relating to the number and price of shares being offered, subsequent use and application of the proceeds after the success of the fund raising exercise including the proposed time frame for such utilisation.
    • Information relating to the business plan of the company; and 
    • Financial information relating to the company:- 
      1. where the Issuer is a public company, audited financial statements of the company;
      2. for other types of Issuers–
        • For offerings below RM500,000:
          1. Audited financial statements of the company, where applicable (e.g. where the Issuer has been established for at least 12 months); and
          2. Where audited financial statements are unavailable (e.g. the Issuer is newly established), certified financial statements or information by the Issuer’s management; or
        • For offerings above RM500,000, audited financial statements of the company;
  4. It is the obligation of the Issuer proposing to be hosted on the Platform to ensure that all information submitted or disclosed to the Platform is true and accurate and shall not contain any information or statement which is false or misleading or from which there is a material omission.