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What types of shares can be offered?

The Securities Commission Malaysia Guidelines on Recognized Markets  allow for the issuance of ordinary or preference shares via equity crowdfunding.

Thus for Ethis Malaysia, we offer the A’di (Ordinary) and Sa’ada (Islamic Preference) Shares, of which the details are as below:-



  • Ordinary shares by nature.
  • Owns a certain % of equity in the company.
  • Share long term risks and rewards.
  • No fixed return can be agreed upon.
  • Have no pre-arranged exit plan. 
  • Preference shares by nature.
  • No fixed return can be agreed upon.
  • Profit/dividend must be on par with ordinary shareholders.
  • No preference in liquidation. Similar rights with A’di.
  • Profit arrangements based on portion % after deducting expenses.
  • Share Purchase undertaking signed by company at a certain time. No price can be fixed.
  • Final price agreed upon during purchase between parties.
  • Both parties will sign the SPA & Share transfer agreement (STA) during share purchase.